Boston Celtics’ Jason Titum dropped 46 points in the “Signature Game” to force Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs semifinals.

Milwaukee – Jason Tatum did not want this to happen again. Two nights ago, the Boston Celtics had a great opportunity to control the NBA play-off semi-finals, but let Game 5 get out of their hands. It was not like that on Friday.

As the Milwaukee Box struggled in the fourth quarter, Titum seemed to have one answer in each stage. Tatum scored 28 of its 46 points in the second half, including 16 points in the fourth half.

“That’s why he gets paid so much,” said Marcus Smart, Celtics guard. This is it. For moments like this. I told him the whole game, just be a man. He was. This is what he gets paid to do. “This is what we rely on.”

The best seven series are equal in all three games. The seventh game will be played Sunday afternoon in Boston.

In Game 5, the Celtics were 14 points clear in the fourth quarter, six points ahead of Box two minutes before a win. On Friday night, Celtics again had a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter but made sure they left with a different result.

Milwaukee reduced the lead to 4, but whenever the box was accelerated, the thought of what had happened in the previous game penetrated the collective minds of the Celtics bench. Boston boss Ime Odoka said he had told his team not to stagnate in the fourth quarter like in the previous game and to continue attacking.

“We made the right decision,” Odoka said. “We talked about after that game. We missed the opportunity, but we still had a chance to have a better story, I think. It felt good to enter that game because we played well for three and a half quarters. “

“Everyone was angry about the result, but we knew how well we played during the series and let some things go. But we never have any doubts or hangovers about that game. We put it to bed the next day and look forward to it. “We are back to it. The garden.”

After the box closed the game at 85-81, Tatum responded with a mid-range jump, while the strike hour in a game went out of range. When Milwaukee responded with an acrobatic lay-up by Pat Konaton, Tatum responded with a 3-point throw. The next time Boston fell, Tito showed the movement of his legs to disappear with one foot.

With 5:40 left, he nailed another deeper to bring the lead to 8. And with 2:38 left, Tito turned an old three-point game into a goal to make the game inaccessible. Tito said the fall of Game 5 was on the minds of all Celtics right now.

“I think how much he lost in that game,” says Titum. “Everyone had a bad taste in their mouth. Watching the movie, learning from it. Eager. We were happy. We did not lose. We knew we still had a chance to save our season to come in here and win. We believed it. We really did. “We did. We believe in each other and I think it showed tonight.”

Smart played a key role in losing Game 5 and was blocked by Jero Holliday, who stole the ball from Holliday in the final 10 seconds. He said he went to the training ground immediately after the game to prepare for Game 6.

“I’m just saying tonight will be the first night after the game to get some sleep,” Smart said. “I’m not asleep yet.”

Smart started the game like someone who wanted to forget his last game as soon as possible, as he had 14 points in the opening frame while shooting from depth 4 of 6.

“I had to come and adjust the tone,” Smart said. “We go as I go. I’m the heart and soul of the team. My teammates always tell me that. I try to be that way for them. The energy I bring is contagious. I know that. “I try to bring it to every game.”

Jaylen Brown has been on Tatum for many big games, but she knew it’s a little heavier.

“It was a great performance,” Brown said. “Behind us is the wall. You’d like to see GT appear aggressive and carry us offensively, as he forced Game 7. A definitely a signature game for the Celtics and Jason.”

Tatum, Brown and Smart scored a total of 89 points out of 108 points for Boston, Brown scored 22 points and Smart scored 21 points. According to ESPN Stats & Information, John Howell and Joe Joe White scored 80 out of 91 points on April 20, 1973.

After Al Horford was effective against Box earlier in the series, they began to play closer to him on the pitch, allowing Celtics environmental players to move – something Milwaukee tried to prevent early in the series.

“Al hurt them early in the series, and they tried to destroy it, but it opens up other things for other people,” Odoka said. “We know we can use them.”

With this win, the series returns to Boston and TD Garden. But a home court may not be such an advantage. The Road team has won four of the six games in the series, including all three. However, this series is a very meaningful game, something that Celtics players can not wait to be a part of.

“I expect it to be loud. I expect it to be fun. And I expect it to be part of a great game. I’m looking forward to it,” Brown said. “The best two words in basketball is Game 7.”

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