British-Indian Women 2021 – Heather Knight says Emily Arlot’s call in Britain is just the beginning Cricket



Knight admitted that there is a lot to be gained from Arlot’s rapid emergence

Heather Knight believes that the discovery of sailor Emily Arlot on the eve of next week’s test against India is just the beginning of England, which will enable players to participate internationally.

England captain Knight said Arlot’s initial invitation to his 17-man squad – reduced to 15 before heading to Bristol on Sunday for the test, which starts three days later – was somewhat futile.

But with the introduction of domestic professional contracts, one of which is 23-year-old Arlot working with Central Sparks for the Rachel Hugh Flint Award, Knight expects him to be England’s first new face.

“He really didn’t come from anywhere, which is great,” Knight said. “I do not know much about him, except last month or about when I watched him a little more closely and what a great story for Rachel Hihu Flint [Trophy] also.

“We’ve been calling for domestic competitions to become more professional for a while, and now you want to get people like Emily out of woodwork.

“I met him and Issy Wong in Edgbaston a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. It was great that two fast bowling youngsters were crying trying to get me out, my test and Emily, and they were really outstanding in the game. “We see him as a player who also has red ball cricket skills. I am very excited about him in the group.”

Emily Arlot has enjoyed an eye-catching start to the Central Sparks season © Laura Malkin

Arlot claimed a 2-48 victory over Sparks vs. Knight in Western Storm. But it was her four wickets, including a hat-trick, on the way to a 5-29 record as Sparks defeated the reigning South African champions to secure her place in the England squad.

Lauren Winfield-Hill, meanwhile, has taken an important step towards her goal of reaching a higher level ahead of England’s 50-year defense at next year’s World Cup, albeit now in a different format, although Knight shows that He will most likely partner with Tommy Beaumont on top of ordering Tommy’s match.

After a long battle with Crohn’s disease, Winfield-Hill has been able to control the disease with drugs that have many physical benefits, including improved exercise performance and, in turn, a form of play. She scored 140 unbeaten goals for England in a warm-up pre-season game against England in early May and opened the scoring for the controversy of Rachel Hiho Flint 110 with Diamond North’s goal against Sparks.

“He probably played a little harder on and off the pitch last year,” Knight said. “He was trying to get opportunities and fight together and in the form of a test match, we saw that he was able to do that. He is a quality player.

“He’s really in good shape, he’s in good health and cricket, he’s never seen him better and he’s a very fit person anyway. I think he ran 2km in less than 8 minutes so I did.” I’m excited to see him go and I’m sure he will take the opportunity. ”

The bunny, Amy Jones, who opened in the last ash test with Beaumont, has grown since moving to midfield – in the ODI after the Ash series and in the T20Is since the last World Cup in England. Jones is two centuries away from three spark races at 50 more than the Rachel Hugh Flint Award.

“We want Amy to bat in midfield. This is what he has done successfully in white ball cricket and we see him, and he now sees himself as a midfielder, a midfielder. Can play and win tournaments

“We’ve seen him struggle at No. 4 for Central Sparks and he’s doing amazingly well. He’s in great shape and I’m really excited to see what he can do this summer. Give. ”

Ashes’ last two tests, in 2017 in Sydney and 2019 in Taunton, ended in a draw, and while Knight said Britain’s first priority was to win a multi-format series against India, he hoped his team would too. Have fun.

“I was following the games in Bristol very closely and trying to get as much information about the ground,” he said. “It looks like the weather will be very hot and it will lead to it, but to Overall a wicket is perfect in Bristol and a good place to play cricket.

“When we get to Bristol, we have to be a little more careful … but we always want to do a show, especially since we haven’t had a fan there for a long time. India is a very strong side and of course there’s a match. O held, it is very difficult to defeat them and watching them will be fun.

Under the multi-format India Tour system, which has three ODIs and three T20Is after the test, teams are awarded four points for winning the test with two draws and one point without a result. A victory in white ball competitions will be worth two points.

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