Gerrit Cole got the better of Josh Donaldson and the Twins on Wednesday night

The first round goes to Gerrit Cole.

In his first appearance since Josh Donaldson had a few choice words on the Yankees ace – adding a thinly veiled accusation that he used sticky substances to grab a ball – Cole sat Donaldson three times during the New York’s 9-6 win on Wednesday.

Cole definitely got the better of Donaldson: he knocked out the Twins’ third baseman twice, putting him out three times in six two-runner innings. Cole, under the watchful eye of the umpires and Baseball Twitter, put on a Cole-like performance, allowing just two solo homers on the night, paired with nine strikeouts from the Twins roster.

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Donaldson’s first K:

  • 84 mph curve ball, called strike
  • Fast ball at 98 mph, tip foul
  • Cursor 87 mph, ball
  • Fast ball at 100mph, foul ball
  • 86 mph curved ball, swinging strike

Cole followed his strikeout from Donaldson with an icy look on him. Donaldson didn’t notice him when he returned to the shelter.

Cole was not done with Donaldson, however: he followed his first strikeout with an equally dominant second K:

  • 98 mph fastball, bullet
  • 90 mph slider, ball
  • Ball fast at 99 mph, called a strike
  • Fast ball at 100mph, foul ball
  • 90 mph shift, swing strike

And to make matters worse for Donaldson, Cole made Donaldson fly away during his last appearance on the night, during Cole’s final round of work:

Was Cole using some sort of sticky trick to increase turnover rates? Perhaps. And even if he was, he isn’t the first – and he won’t be the last – baseball pitcher to turn to foreign substances for some sort of advantage against batters. It’s a story as old as baseball, even though the sport tries to crack down on use.

Cole, after all, had an awkward press conference in which he dodged the question of whether he had used Spider Tack, the hottest substance and the talking point in baseball right now.

One thing is for sure, though: maybe Donaldson should think twice before naming names again.

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