Mets’ Kevin Pillar takes a 94 mph fastball to the face and leaves the game against the Braves

Kevin Pillar is a tough cookie.

The Mets outfielder took a 94 mph fastball straight to the face in Monday night’s game against the Braves. He immediately descended, bleeding profusely from the nose, as the bullet exploded in the opposite direction.

Pillar got up and left on his own after the coaching staff left, despite being taken out of the game.

The Mets tweeted that he was in the hospital for a CT scan. Pillar also tweeted that he was fine.

Below is an excerpt from the spooky scene:

Disclaimer: The video contains graphic content.

Everyone seemed upset, especially the Braves pitcher Jacob Webb, who threw the ball. The Braves also pulled him out of the game.

The shot – on a 2-2 count with bases loaded and two strikeouts high in the seventh – forced the Mets to a 2-0 lead. Khalil Lee ran for Pillar and stayed on to play on the right ground. Lee and Johneshwy Fargas were called up on Monday after Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeil entered the injured list.

It was the second time in the past few weeks that a batter has hit in the face. Bryce Harper of the Phillies took a 97 mph fastball to the nose in April. He left the game after being bloodied, but was deemed OK after passing the tests.

Pillar, in his first season in New York City, entered .247 at bat with 19 hits, 2 homers and seven RBIs in 77 at bat.

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