NBA Playoffs 2022 – The Dallas Mavericks are building a familiar formula around Luka Dancic.

Nobody in The Dallas Mavericks headquarters were exchanged minutes after the transaction details were finalized minutes before the Feb. 10 deadline. The consensus in the room was that the move from the great man Christapes Purzingis was in the franchise’s favor, but there was no reason to celebrate.

By the way, Porzingis was bought two years ago in a best-seller deal to pair with Luka Doncic as the franchise’s main parts. Purzingis was supposed to be the Mavericks’ teammate, and the 23-year-old superstar was needed to form a long-term rival.

But Dallas, led by new general manager Nico Harrison and first-year coach Jason Kidd, eventually found that Porzingis, when unharmed, provided Doncic with space instead of space to act. The team determined that Porzingis did not fit in with Doncic, and that he was not going to be one of a deal.

The mice, therefore, divided Purzingis’ maximum wage into two smaller wages that the Washington Wizards wanted to reduce, bringing Spencer Dinwidi and Davis Bertans to Dallas, citing flexibility and depth as reasons why trade was reasonable. Dallas did not anticipate taking a step back because of the deal – the mouse had a better record than Porzingis without him – and hoped Dinvidi and Bertans would take advantage of the change of scenery and score points on the bench, but certainly as a winning move. It was not considered now.

It mainly marked a return to the top spot in the team’s many years of searching for a star for Doncic. And asked another question: Is Mavs Need Follow the modern NBA trend with multiple stars?

“You always want talent to win championship trophies,” Kidd said after the Dallas Los Angeles Clippers lost 51 points to Dancic on the final night of the trade. “As we go through this journey, we will see if we will meet the number 2 man or not.

“It could be a team that we have where there are no real second stars. You only have kids who play at a very high level. And you see that the teams win the championship that way too. “

The last title team in which format is appropriate? Mavericks 2010-11, when a 38-year-old kid was one of several actors to complete Deutsche Welle’s understanding.

“You had a superstar and the rest were hamburgers,” Kidd said with a smile that night, using the insult of Novitzky’s favorite playfulness that became a lovable term.

Now, following a surprise game in the Western Conference finals that ended in a gentleman’s win over the Golden State Warriors, the brains of the mice must determine how this playoffs should affect the process of building a championship list around their monster. Winning two rounds and eliminating Phoenix Suns No. 1 team suggests to some extent that the Mavs can fight a single superstar.

“This year, we have taken a big step, maybe a few steps,” Doncic said after eliminating 120-110 in Thursday’s game. “He has taken a step and I think we are on a great path.”

First Jalen Bronson The reaction to Porzingis’s business was to find out if he was a part of it. There has been widespread debate throughout the league that the Mice will try to gain Branson value in the business market by replacing Branson as an unlimited free agent this summer, instead of jumping to the luxury tax.

After the 25-year-old guard played a key role in the Dallas knockout process, the cost of doing so increased significantly. He averaged 21.6 points per game the following season, with 41 and 31 points per game in a first-round win over the Utah Jazz, while Dancic stepped down due to a sprained ankle.

Mavs Gov. Mark Kuban, who last received the luxury tax for the champion team 11 years ago, has made it clear that he will pay what is needed to keep Branson in Dallas. Otherwise, the Mavs would not have had a salary ceiling to recruit a replacement for their second top scorer.

“All the team talk, I’re not really thinking about it. That’s what it is,” Branson told ESPN. Obviously, I want to put my team in a position to win, but having such a mindset for being a teammate gives me expectations that I really do not really need. “Play an important role in a championship team.”

Branson, a second-round pick in 2018 that is easy to play on or off the ball, is one of the few domestic growth success stories to be adapted to the ball that dominates Dancic. Dorian Finney Smith and Maxi Culber, in particular, have become great 3D players whose mood does not change depending on how often they touch the ball in attack. Reggie Bullock, who signed with the exception of midfield, is a similar player and part of the Mavs core.

Doncic has led the league in terms of usage over the past two seasons – he has reached historic records this season – and is being defended by opponents, both because it is often the best way to attack Dallas defense. A way to destroy the ball. A superstar who should have acted well in the last two seasons.

It is essential for the Mavs to surround Dancic with actors who provide him with an offensive and defensive environment. Either way, the Mavs had to rely very much In the case of Bullock and Finney Smith, who finished first and second in the league after a few minutes this season. They are asked to perform the most difficult defensive tasks in each game, and must cope with the fatigue of the game for more than 40 minutes to create open shots to maintain the mouse attack.

The return of Hardaway Jr. Salem, who missed most of the season and the entire playoffs due to left-foot surgery, could earn more points. But reliable wing depth – in the form of a shooter who is a solid defender – is a requirement for summer.

Also the promotion to the center, where Culber played most of the playoffs despite supporting Dwight Powell.

“They are one player away,” an Eastern Conference executive told ESPN. Who can be the main partner of Pick & Roll Dancic, rebrander and ring guard?

This is a view shared by several other competing coaches, scouts and executives who recently spoke to ESPN about the Dallas view.

Kuban also believes that this kind of list building – with some upgrades – could make the Mavs a long-term competitor.

“We see what we need,” Kuban concluded after the Warriors’ victory. “When one of their sons gets 17, 18 rebounds a night, he kind of tells the story. This is one of the things we’re going to try to address.”

The players on the Mavs list do not believe that strong moves are needed to win this franchise.

“We definitely have enough in this locker room to be able to do something special,” Finney Smith told ESPN during the conference final. we are here. We are one of the top four NBA teams. You can try to find another star, but you never know how he will fit in with Luca or the other staff. Playing with someone like this is a change. So is Luca, and so am I. [Brunson] Well set and [Dinwiddie]Both.

“These stars — don’t even work anymore. Fitness is important.”

Cuba is long Prioritize following a star. That’s why he did not keep a list of seniors intact after winning the franchise title alone; instead, he created a wage-earning space in hopes of attracting Chris Paul or Dwight Howard or other big letters that did not reach Dallas. As for Inon Williams, he signed with Mavs after his star disappeared.

That’s why the Mavs put their chips in the middle to trade with Porzingis in the middle of Doncic’s rookie season. Dallas also dreamed of pairing Dancic with Giannis Antocompo, but those hopes were dashed when Antocompo extended his contract with the Milwaukee Box and then conceded last season.

It’s also one of the reasons Kuban Harrison hired former Nike’s former general manager, who has strong relationships with players and agents across the league, as the new general manager last summer.

At this point, however, the Mavs have no clear way to build Earth for another star. Dallas wasted the flexibility to sign Doncic with a rookie contract and failed to make a splash in the Open Agency for the past few years, and his Supermax extension will begin this summer. They also owe a first-round pick in 2023 to the New York Knicks and limit their assets in the trading market.

Mavs can benefit at a time when the NBA trend is for disgruntled stars to trade with certain competitors. Doncic has certainly proven that he lives in the elite stratosphere. But he has no deep-rooted relationship with stars across the league, usually formed as teenagers and / or on the United States team. And Dancic’s style of play may not be appealing to other stars who are used to having the ball in their hands.

Meanwhile, the mice emerged as competitors to Doncic and a group of high-caliber complementary parts that accepted their role. They live in Luca’s world and have learned to thrive in it.

“The main challenge is probably the soul,” Branson said. “When someone has the ball in their hands for a long time, people may get upset. People want the ball or people say they need rhythm. I learned how to play without rhythm. I need rhythm. I do not have.” This is Luka Doncic. S — does not change. This is Luka Doncic. I have come to the conclusion that he is an amazing player, he will do a lot of great things and this organization is going to be formed around him. Growing up in this mindset, how can I fit into that mold?

“Some people have this aura about them. Not everything they say, but revolves around them – and rightly so.”

As far as Cuba is concerned, the Mavs “unquestionably” created an identity in the first season of the Kid era that gives the franchise a chance to become a champion.

“Tough, physical, multi-talented,” Kuban said, listing the distinctive features of the Dallas players. He continued: “Luca’s complementary ability is knowing how to play Luca. This is probably number one.”

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