Predicting uncertainty in BBL draft “makes” Greg Shaper “nervous” when planning for Sydney Sixers hat-trick | Cricket

Sydney Sixers is the BBL champion in a row and hopes to have a definite list © Getty Images

Sydney Sixers coach Greg Shepherd is not in favor of BBL’s proposed draft for overseas players, and admits that uncertainty about how it will work has added a layer of complexity to next year’s tournament schedule, where the target club Trick will target titles.

Plans for last year’s player draft were halted due to the epidemic but are expected to be added to the tournament this season, although Shipperd, who signed a two-year deal with the Sixers on Thursday, said details are still lacking on the ground.

The Sixers have locked Tom Koran as part of a three-year deal (he was out of Covid-19 last season due to travel complications) and they hope James Vince succeeds after 387 runs at 38.35 last season. Be back. پویش.

“I know there have been meetings … but there has been no definiteness or crystallization of any position that I am aware of at the moment,” Shepard said. “We are on the verge of hanging out and trying to find out if there is a draft or not, if there are two or three international players, a few domestic players, every rule changes. All of this is manipulated behind the scenes. But none of them are integrated so that we can start strategies related to it.

“My personal priority is to be on the pitch and provide for my players as I used to, but I’m not sure if this position will be held globally between coaches or other privileges. I like people who source people. Fit and be the combinations and characters of our group and in this case be really special.

“It has served us very well and a draft takes some preparation out of the game. I’m a little nervous about how it all happens and I hope those continue to talk about whether this is going to happen or not. “They give all the possibilities about how you can draw media attention to the draft by proposing an alternative method.”

In the event of a draft, one of the proposed elements is a system that would allow clubs to retain long-time foreign players, such as Rashid Khan, in the Adelaide strikers. This could help the Sixers keep Vince on the shelf, with club loyalty and maintaining his squad a top priority.

“I like to provide stability in my teams, so when we saw his quality as a young player, a young man and a young leader in our group, we immediately signed him,” he said. “James Vince has hit that area as well, so I would be disappointed if we had the potential to lose both players in the right to vote this year,” he said.

“There have been talks, but our team will be very similar internally. I believe, as much as we can, to this group, which has achieved a lot in the last two years, in a third chance. Some “They say it’s a big risk, but our coaching staff has a lot of faith in the team that they are good enough to do it again.”

Greg Shepherd hopes James Vince is back for another season © Getty Images

With the men’s ash series going until January 18 and a limited visit to New Zealand later that month, Shipperd does not expect to see many cases of people involved in national teams.

Last season, Nathan Lyon and Mitchell Stark had contracts but did not compete due to movement restrictions between the bubbles, and Stark later agreed not to participate in the final to avoid disrupting the successful team. In the will of the group compiled by Shepherd, Moises Henriks and Sean Abbott were also absent for much of the regular season. Last summer, Lyon, Josh Hazlwood and Steven Smith all made it to the finals.

“I think this year will be the worst year for international players to reach, given where we expect the tournament to be with a significant series of ashes,” Shepard said. “It seems unlikely that international players with big names will be available to us, which is just an issue that is faced every season. And solving a difficult problem given that the international program is one of the priorities. ”

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