Recent Game Report – Northants vs Derbyshire North Group 2021

the report

The champions of the two seasons reached 81 and lost 7, and despite the improvement of the lower order, they lose a lot.

Derby Shire 143 multiplied by 5 (du Plooy 48 *, Critchley 44) Northamptonshire 141 for 8 in five wickets

The Northamptonshire Steelers suffered their fourth straight loss as the Falcons derby ended a two-game losing streak with a five-wicket win over the Northern Group in the derby.

Fairbeyshire fair play with the ball limited Northamptonshire to 141 for 8, and the Hawks scored 143 and 5 goals, respectively, with a 48-on-1 victory over Leos de Ploe and 44 victories over Matt Crichley.

Ricardo Vasconcelos scored 38 goals and Grammy White scored 37 of 24 goals, but Northamptonshire were reduced by George Scrimshaw, 1-13 from four games, and Connor McCreer, 2-23.

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