Recent game report – Qalandars vs Zalmi 17th match 2020 / 21-2021

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Ball 36 David’s ball created a tough goal after Lahore got into trouble and Rashid Khan did the rest.

Lahore Qalandars 170 for 8 (David 64 *, Dunk 48, Allen 2-36) Beat Peshawar Zalmai 160 for 8 (Malik 73, Omid 23 *, Rashid 5-20, Faulkner 2-23) with ten runs
After last night’s drama, Lahore Qalandars made sure that their victory today would be a little easier with Peshawar Zalmai’s ten-speed drive. A five-wicket magic transport for Rashid Khan – his first T20 cricket – took his heart out of Zalmai’s midfield and ensured that a brave 48-ball 73 from Shoaib Malik would not really come close to capturing them on the line.
This does not mean that the calendars do not follow a spectacular path. The men in green seemed to get out of the game when they lost 25 to 4 in 8 games. After that, however, they were all Qalandar, thanks to the joint collaboration of 81 girls between Ben Dunk and David’s team to bring their team back. David then teamed up with James Faulkner to score one point in the last six overs, scoring 90 points. The Singaporeans took the lead with 36 balls and 64, setting Zalmi hard for a 171 victory.
Zalmai will conclude with the start of the Qalandars’ irresistible game, with the opening opening of Kamran Akmal and Haidar Ali to Faulkner’s first game, whose irreversible start to the PSL may even draw the attention of Australian voters in a World Cup year. A 51-run station between Shoaib Malik and David Miller sparked Zalmi’s interest, but that was before Rashid Khan’s show. The rule of regular play separates the middle, it is impossible for a tyrant to read or play. By the time his spell ran out, he finally got five wickets and Zalmai was out of the race. At the time of his death, Omid Asif engulfed Qalandars with a breeze, but Zalmi had left much to be desired.

Peshawar boring start

The Dunk-David partnership had the quality of victory in most T20 games, but one can easily disappoint the situation they had to consolidate. Thanks to a great opening spell from Wahab Riyadh and Mohammad Erfan, who tired the edges of the house, this may be a test match with a new Dukes ball in English conditions. To convey the idea of ​​time in the first stage, Wahab mixed long deliveries with a precise user, while Erfan followed by drawing an outer edge from Sohail Akhtar, the captain of Qalandars.

The blows of oppression were constantly coming, Omid Asef proved that Mohammad Hafez was silenced with a fast and completely evil jump that hit the paw to give extra coverage. Mohammad Faizan, who endured a small misfortune, where he seemed to lack ability and intention, fell in the middle of the half thanks to a good diving kick by Wahhab Riyadh. This was her 21st delivery, which No. 3 performed only 8 times. It brought David and Dunk together, and it was the rest of history.

Rashid Khan Master Class

It might have been easier to copy and paste the rich tribute the Afghan superstar earned after using Islamabad United, but it was even more masterful. He started easily and with a few involuntary balls on the pitch, and his first game was played for 15 runs – six more than his total spell allowed yesterday.

But since then, two mesmerizing games have completely changed the face of the game. Up to this point, Malik and Miller had quietly made a significant contribution to Zalma after losing quickly in the openers, and as the bid rate approached 11, players such as Sharafan Rutherford and Fabian Allen Should be followed. But when Rashid crushed Miller on his stumps in the tenth, Zalmi realized that their defense had been broken down quite comprehensively. Roman Powell tried and missed one ball, then fired two. But the third Rashid was the cake.

He was looking for the first Rutherford secret bullet, not just the weakest glove. A few more Googlers followed before dropping the usual panic, a magical delivery that guaranteed flight. Poor Allen looked dead in front of the first ball and was saved again by just hitting the outside of the pads. Rashid laughed the last laugh, and finished the following delivery cautiously, so the referee had no hesitation in raising his finger. He returned to eliminate Wahhab and complete a five-pound, while his figures of 4-1-20-5 were not the slightest flattery for him.

David is a diamond in the rough

What happens to a man named David who finishes his games for Lahore? It is easy to say that David was not well known in Pakistan when Lahore Qalandars hesitated to draft an alternative, but he certainly is now.

Filling David Wise boots is almost impossible for the Qalandars, but David is off to a great start. After a worthless camouflage against Islamabad, his 34-ball 64 offered much more material today. Early in his work with Dunk, he underwent a sensible reconstruction, prioritizing the maintenance of the wicket. But without taking the risk, it seemed to push the running rate up. He halved his 30th century by dragging the Wahhab into over the midwicket for six before pursuing with the other two balls in the final over guaranteeing his team a pony in the game they would most likely never drop.

Where they stand

Lahore increased its lead at the top of the table with five wins in six games. This defeat causes Zalmai to fall to fourth place.

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