Report of the recent match – Kent vs. South Glamorgan 2021

the report

Crowley’s Billings are back on the pitch, but I wish they weren’t, because Milnes is taking advantage of the horrible pitch.

count Multiply 144 for 7 (Cox 32 *) گلامورگان 104 (Mills 5-22) at 40 thighs

If you want to deal directly with a Glamorgan T20 Blast tie Wales match in the European Championship, Then at least reward those who are in the right scene. Instead, the surface of the Sophia Gardens was rude, and the loudest cheers of the night, which sounded from the crowd when Wales won 2-0 against Turkey, indicate that many thoughts are lost elsewhere.
It was a terrible match. Kent rose to 144 with a series of Batman constantly firing mistakes, and 7, with expulsion – the most important shot – allowed some Batman, to varying degrees, to have a disturbing look. . This ratio is expected to have a relatively odd average as Glamorgan scored 104 points while Matt Millens worked with a proper steam to get 5 for 22. Kent now has four wins in five and will be comfortable continuing his position. The top four of the southern group were strengthened.
The five wicket millennials included three excellent scalp players, including two overseas players. David Lloyd pulled him to a deep square foot and there were two turns – Marnos Labushagen could not get over his head (intense shooting practice on the way back to the booth) and Colin Ingram, a little tight on a shot, fired it. Send your side Even at 59 for 4, halfway through, the result was predictable.

The T20 draw on the same day Wales clashed with Turkey was bad enough and should be avoided. To begin with at the same time owed something to misfortune, which was forced on Glamorgan by a bad performance board and the recognition that the previous race had ended in bad light. Also, competing in a two-step process of unreliable exaggeration – another type of turkey – did not convince those cricket or football-hating fans that they had made the right decision to attend.

“It was a tough stick for the bat – both teams realized that,” said Glamorgan coach Matthew Maynard before adding: “You have to play with instinct in T20 cricket, and maybe today that instinct was a little low. . “

Of course, instinct is weakened by mistrust, especially when today’s players expect the T20 pitches to be right. Cricket pitches are natural and changeable and allow for interesting and credible experiments with hybrid pitches, as they may always be. Also, not every game should end between 200 and 200 – good bowlers have a chance of success. But this was not a match dominated by skilled bowlers, it was just a cricket game in which the bowlers – every bowler – were probably lucky.

Glamorgan does not sometimes have many levels of loneliness in production: this is an overview. Overall, the T20 Blast is trying to make its mark in the summer when the 100 launches and every night is sword-wielding entertainment. When Welsh Fire is the name of the top of the home locker room, produce this type of land and there will be a secret investigation by the European Central Bank. Contact me pessimistically, but they have probably booked the best land available.

Kent sent in two players who had been sacked by England – and both were bad for the match, as did another recent England player, Joe Denley, who showed his fascination with his insane description. has done.

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