[UPDATED QF]. Prediction, H2H of Denis Shapovalov’s draw against Tiafoe, Norrie, Berrettini to win London

Denis Shapovalov is 3 wins away from winning the title in London. Shapovalov defeated Aleksandar Vukic 7-66 7-66 and Feliciano Lopez 6-2 6-3 to reach the quarter where he will face Frances Tiafoe.

Draw Prediction with head-to-head records

This is Denis Shapovalov’s projected draw with the projected opposition at the Cinch Championships. Shapovalov has a a favorable balance sheet (5-1) with probable adversaries.

R1 – Alexandre vukic (207) – 7-66 7-66
R2 – Feliciano Lopez (64) – 6-2 6-3
1/4 – Frances tiafoe (65) – H2H 3-1
1/2 – Cameron Norrie (41) – H2H 0-0
or Jack Draper (309) – H2H 0-0
End – Matteo berrettini (9) – H2H 2-0
or Alex De Minaur (22) – H2H 1-2
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See the updated draw

1/4 – Rankings and performances of Frances Tiafoe.

Face to face 3-1 for Denis Shapovalov

Frances Tiafoe Point's table information

Frances Tiafoe has an 18-12 win-loss record in 2021, 7-0 on turf. Over the past 1 year, Tiafoe is 7-0 on turf. Francis will try to keep a positive dynamic since he is on a streak of 7 consecutive wins.

The American’s best result this year was reaching the Nottingham 1 Challenger final.

H2H Denis Shapovalov vs. Frances Tiafoe

It would be the 5e moment when Denis Shapovalov and Frances Tiafoe clash. The head-to-head is 3-1 for Shapovalov (see full H2H stats), but they have never faced each other on turf.

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1/2 – Rankings and performances of Cameron Norrie.

Face to face record 0-0

Cameron Norrie Point's Table Info

Cameron Norrie is 31-12 win-loss record in 2021, 2-0 on turf. In the previous 1 year, the Briton is 2-0 on turf. The Briton has won 8 of his last 10 games.

Cameron’s best result of the season was qualifying for the final at Estoril and Lyon.

H2H Denis Shapovalov vs. Cameron Norrie

There is no face to face between Denis Shapovalov and Cameron Norrie since it would be the first time they will face each other in the main tour.

Nevertheless, Denis Shapovalov could face Jack Draper. Their H2H record is 0-0.

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Final – Ranking and performance of Matteo Berrettini.

Face to face 2-0 for Denis Shapovalov

Matteo Berrettini Point Table info

Matteo Berrettini is 23-6 win-loss record in 2021, 2-0 on turf. Regarding the last 1 years, Matteo is 2-0 on grass. Berrettini have won 7 of their last 10 games.

His best achievement of the year was winning the title in Belgrade where he beat Aslan Karatsev in the final 6-1 3-6 7-6 (0).

H2H Denis Shapovalov vs. Matteo Berrettini

It would be the 3rd time that Denis Shapovalov and Matteo Berrettini play against each other. The head-to-head is 2-0 for Shapovalov (see full H2H stats), but they have never faced each other on turf.

Nevertheless, Denis Shapovalov could fight against Alex De Minaur. Their head to head is 2-1 for Alex De Minaur.

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