Winning the Champions League is PSG’s clear goal

Killian Mbabane has said that the first Champions League title is Paris Saint-Germain’s “clear and announced goal” for next season.

With the Ambape attacking triangle, Neymar And last season, Lionel Messi was knocked out of the European elite club competition by Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of Paris Saint-Germain, finishing runner-up in 2020 and reaching the semi-finals in 2021.

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Real Madrid, the team that Mbabane turned down this summer to continue playing for PSG, won their 14th European Championship after Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat in the final.

“Of course, the Champions League is the goal.” Ambape told French television station BFMTV “This goal has been made clear. We do not need to list too many attributes about the Champions League. This is what we want.”

For that to happen, Mbabane says Paris Saint-Germain must return to being “transnational” in France, something that has not been the case in recent seasons and last won the domestic trio in 2020.

“I think it depends on this, going back to the basics and then trying to conquer Europe,” Mbabane said. “Last season we were not so scary, we were far less intact. We want to go back to being scary in France, something we have not done in the last two years.”

Mbabane, who extended his contract with Ligue 1 in May, has other goals in the 2022-2023 season.

Since joining Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2018 from Monaco with a transfer of 180 million euros, the French national team player has scored 171 goals for the club.

He is 29 goals away from Uruguay to reach Edinson Cavani, who is the top scorer in the history of Paris Saint-Germain with 200 goals.

“It is spectacular to be Paris Saint-Germain’s top scorer,” Mbabane said. “I think if I continue like this, there is no reason I can not do it.” Mbabane, 23, was considering leaving Real Madrid last summer. Paris Saint-Germain turned down an offer of € 200 million at the time, despite knowing that Ambape would be released this summer.

At the same time, Mbabane wanted to make it clear that his commitment to Paris Saint-Germain was strong.

“This club is very valuable to me, everyone knows that,” he said. “So, maybe I did not have time to say how important this club is to me … I have always been focused on my work. Maybe I did not have enough time to be romantic with people or fans.”

“Of course, to show history, there is this romantic and emotional aspect. But I always thought it was the first step to being efficient. When you perform, you are known whether people like you or not. You are always known. That has been my priority. “

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