Guinea appeals to supporters after deaths during celebrations | Africa Cup of Nations 2023

Guinea urged its supporters to “celebrate cautiously” in the future after several fans were killed following Friday’s 1-0 win over Gambia.

Kaba Diawara’s side face Senegal on Tuesday, where the two Group C leaders meet against a backdrop of tragedy and concern.

On Friday, several fans were killed in the celebrations and, amid the mourning at home, only a draw against already qualified Senegal was needed to reach the knockout stages, the Guinean Football Association said it was “deeply saddened”. Sunday issued a statement on social media urging fans to “celebrate carefully and take care of yourself.” The association also released a video of the team urging fans to celebrate responsibly.

“It is important that our fans and the public celebrate in a very measured manner,” the association’s media manager, Amadou Makadji, told the BBC. “They have to be very careful not to put themselves in danger because the aim of football is to bring joy and not to disadvantage families.

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“We don’t want the dead to mourn, so we call on everyone to celebrate but to take care of themselves so that nothing happens to them.” Guinea is a country where people have a great passion for football and experience football like nowhere else in the world.”

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