Jack, Quinn and Luke Hughes: How three brothers influence the Canucks and Devils

There will be a Hughes family reunion in Vancouver on Tuesday, with Quinn’s Canucks taking on Jack and Luke’s Devils. They will become the ninth family in NHL history to have three or more brothers play in the same game.

“You’re in the basement playing (and playing), but you never really believe it’s going to become reality,” said Jack, who will face Quinn for the seventh time, said NHL.com.

The Hughes brothers compete on Sportsnet

For the first time, all three Hughes brothers will step onto the same NHL ice as Jack and Luke’s New Jersey Devils visit Quinn’s Vancouver Canucks. Puck Drop takes place at 10:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. PT on Sportsnet Pacific and Sportsnet+ Premium.

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Quinn’s historic start to the season is well documented. The Canucks captain is creating real MVP vibes with the Canucks getting off to an excellent start. He would be the first defenseman to take home the Hart Trophy since Chris Pronger in the 1999-2000 season. (It’s been so long since a defenseman was even a finalist for MVP.)

Quinn isn’t the only Hughes brother vying for the award. Jack, who finished eighth in MVP voting last season, scored 20 points in his first nine games. If not for an upper-body injury that sidelined him for two weeks last month, Jack would almost certainly be at the top of the race for the Art Ross Trophy as the league’s top scorer.

Unfortunately for the Hughes brothers, there will only be one puck on the ice on Tuesday. Quinn (2:42), Jack (2:20) and Luke (2:05) rank first, second and seventh in time of possession per 20 minutes out of 637 qualified runners (at least 100 minutes in all situations).

Luke, the youngest of the bunch at 20, leads all rookie defensemen with 14 points in 22 games. He is the quarterback of New Jersey’s league-leading power play, averaging 4.09 possessions per two minutes – third most of 75 defensemen with at least 20 minutes of power play ice time. (Possession controlled plays are those that result in the puck being moved up the ice, such as controlled exits and entries.)

Like Quinn and Jack, Luke is extremely elusive with the puck on his stick. In fact, Luke (3.02) is ahead of Quinn (2.84) in successful open-ice dekes per 20 in all situations at his position. Luke is second in this category out of 227 qualified defenders (at least 100 minutes in all situations).

“I think Quinn is obviously the guy (Luke) has looked up to his whole life,” Jack told NHL.com. “These two have never played against each other before, so I think they will have a lot of fun. I’m sure Luke will have a lot of fun.”

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