Minnesota wins the lottery and is selected first in the PWHL player draft

The Minnesota-based franchise won the draft lottery on Friday and will pick the first player of the Professional Women’s Hockey League draft later this month.

The draft will be a snake draft format, meaning Minnesota will have the first pick in the first round and the last pick in the second round.

Natalie Darwitz was named general manager of the Minnesota franchise on Friday.

The full draft regulation reads:

Round 1: 1st Minnesota, 2nd Toronto, 3rd Boston, 4th New York, 5th Ottawa, 6th Montreal.

Round 2: 7th Montreal, 8th Ottawa, 9th New York, 10th Boston, 11th Toronto, 12th Minnesota.

Round 3: 13th Minnesota, 14th Toronto, 15th Boston, 16th New York, 17th Ottawa, 18th Montreal.

Round 4: 19th Montreal, 20th Ottawa, 21st New York, 22nd Boston, 23rd Toronto, 24th Minnesota.

Round 5: 25th Minnesota, 26th Toronto, 27th Boston, 28th New York, 29th Ottawa, 30th Montreal.

Round 6: 31st Montreal, 32nd Ottawa, 33rd New York, 34th Boston, 35th Toronto, 36th Minnesota.

Round 7: 37th Minnesota, 38th Toronto, 39th Boston, 40th New York, 41st Ottawa, 42nd Montreal.

Round 8: 43rd Montreal, 44th Ottawa, 45th New York, 46th Boston, 47th Toronto, 48th Minnesota.

Round 9: 49th Minnesota, 50th Toronto, 51st Boston, 52nd New York, 53rd Ottawa, 54th Montreal.

Round 10: 55th Montreal, 56th Ottawa, 57th New York, 58th Boston, 59th Toronto, 60th Minnesota.

Round 11: 61st Minnesota, 62nd Toronto, 63rd Boston, 64th New York, 65th Ottawa, 66th Montreal.

Round 12: 67th Montreal, 68th Ottawa, 69th New York, 70th Boston, 71st Toronto, 72nd Minnesota.

Round 13: 73rd Minnesota, 74th Toronto, 75th Boston, 76th New York, 77th Ottawa, 78th Montreal.

Round 14: 79th Montreal, 80th Ottawa, 81st New York, 82nd Boston, 83rd Toronto, 84th Minnesota.

Round 15: 85th Minnesota, 86th Toronto, 87th Boston, 88th New York, 89th Ottawa, 90th Montreal.

The first-ever PWHL player draft will take place on September 18th in Toronto. The draft will be 15 rounds long. Draft order is determined by a lottery and follows a queue draft format (the team that picks last in Round 1 is picked first in Round 2).

At the end of draft day, the teams will each have 18 players — three pre-draft free agent signings and 15 draft tees. All undrafted players become free agents immediately after the draft, allowing them to enter into a standard player contract with any team.

Training camp rosters, each with a minimum of 28 players, will be developed during this second free agency period and through negotiated trials.

After a team drafts a player, that team retains the player’s signing rights for two years. If no contract is signed during this period, the player may be eligible for call-up again. A player can enter a maximum of two drafts.

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